Friday, June 23, 2017


Write About Their

Summer Vacation

The assignment was to write a 5 paragraph essay about their plans for summer using this format: Paragraph 1 is the introduction.  Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 provide detail, and paragraph 5 is the summary.  Check out the main idea sentences!!!  Note the details!!!  These students have a lot to be proud of!!


My Summer Vacation

By Justin

I have fun plans for the summer.  I will swim in my backyard.  We will eat barbecue.  My favorite part will be going to Lake Shelbyville.

I like to swim.  My mom cleans out the pool so I can swim.  My mom and my sister swim with me.  I play with my toy boat in the water.

I like barbecued hot dogs.  My dad cooks the food.  We eat inside, not outside.  We eat barbecued hamburgers too.

I am happy we are going to Lake Shelbyville.  We go with our family.  I will go on a boat ride and go swimming.  The lake is pretty.  We stay in a log cabin close to the campsite.

I am excited about my summer vacation.  I will have a good time swimming and eating barbecued hot dogs.  My favorite part is going to Lake Shelbyville.

Dictated and typed by Justin using Write-Out-Loud


A Great Summer Vacation

By Chance

I am going to have so much fun during the summer!  I am going to the Spaghetti Factory.  And I am going to Six Flags and I am going camping.  I can't wait to go.  It's going to be fun!  My family and I are going to have a great time!

The Spaghetti Factory is going to be so much fun.  It is yummy.  It has all sorts of spaghetti and I am going with my family.

I am ready to go to Six Flags because it is going to be so much fun.  We're going to ride Thunder River and we're going to play games.  Roller coasters are fun because you go in loops.  The Scooby Doo ride and the log ride are fun too.

We're going camping.  It is so fun.  We're going to go hiking and we're going fishing.  We're going to find animals.  We're going to enjoy the nature.

I am going to have the best summer ever!  I am going camping then we're going to Six Flags and the Spaghetti Factory.


My Summer Vacation

By Angel

I can't wait for summer vacation.  When I go on my summer vacation, I might go swimming or to the park.  I might go to Chicago.

On my summer vacation I'm going swimming at a hotel.  My nephew Keegan is going swimming with me too.  Keegan likes to play with water in the pool.  I will play with a bouncing ball in the swimming pool.  I will swim to the other side of the swiming pool.  That side is 4 feet deep.

I will play on the swing at the park.  My sister can bring my niece Kaylee to the park to play with me because she likes to play at the park too.  Kaylee and I will go on the slide.  Then we will go for a walk.

When I go to Chicago, I will go see my Uncle Lee, my Aunt Sharon, my Uncle Juan, my Aunt Gloria, and my cousins and we will have lunch at my counsin's house.  In Chicago I will go to lots of places like the mall.  I'm going to super Wal-Mart.  At the store, I will get lots of coloring books and markers and a movie too.

It will be fun this summer.  I will have a lot of fun swimming at the hotel.  I will have a good time at the park and I will have a great time in Chicago.

Written by Angel using Microsoft Word


My Summer

By Laney

I will do things with my family this summer.  We will go swimming at the park pool and in my backyard.  We will eat barbecue.

I like to swim in my backyard because I can swim every day.  I like the little slide at the park pool.  Grandma Sally takes us to the pool.

Abby and I go to the park.  I like to swing.  I like to go on the slide.  We eat lunch at the park.

Grandma Sally cooks the barbecue.  I like hot dogs with mustard.  I eat cole slaw and pickles.  Barbecue food is good. 

My summer is going to be fun.  I hope I get to swim and go to the park.  I want to eat a hot dog.

Dictated with help to get details.

Typed using Write-Out-Loud with lots of help.


My Plans for Summer Vacation

By Zach

Do you have fun plans for summer vacation?  Yes

Are you going to summer school?  Yes

Will you go to summer school in June?  Yes

Will you ride the bus to school?  Yes

Does Caitlin  go to school with you in the summer?  Yes

Will you have fun at summer school?  Yes

Will you go for walks in the park and feed the ducks?  Yes

Do you feed the elephants at the park?  No

Do you go with your family to the park?  Yes

Do you see dogs at the park?  Yes

Do you feed the ducks hamburgers?  No

Do you feed the ducks bread?  Yes

Is it fun going to the park?  Yes

Will you have a birthday this summer?  Yes

Will you turn 11 in June?  Yes

Are you going to have a birthday party?  Yes

Are you having family over for your birthday?  Yes

Will you have fun at your birthday this summer?  Yes

Is it going to be a fun summer vacation?  Yes

Questions answered by Zach using the Techtalk


My Fun Summer Vacation

By Cody

I'm going to love my summer vacation.  I'm going to camp.  I will play at the park.  I am going to ride my bike.

I will go to Variety Club camp.  ( is a playground at camp.  I will eat lunch at camp.  We do art projects at camp.

I go to the park.  I love to swing.  Chris and Ian go with me to the park.  I go on the monkey bars.

I will learn to ride my bike this summer.  I will go to camp to learn to ride without training wheels.  I have fun riding my bike.

It will be a fun summer.  I will go camping.  My brothers and I will play at the park.  I'll get to ride my bike.  It will be a great summer vacation.

Dictated, then typed by Cody with help, using Write-Out-Loud.


My Summer Vacation

By Andrew

I'm going to have fun on my summer vacation.  I am going swimming at the beach.  I want to ride rides at Six Flags.  I am going to the Saint Elizabeth carnival.

It will be fun to swim at the beach.  I hope it is not rock water.  I hope it is sand water.  I love to go to the beach. 

Do you know what I am going to ride at Six Flags?  I am going to ride Scooby Doo.  This ride has a lot of ghosts in it.  It looks like a van is going to hit you.  On the Log Flume you go up a hill and you go down really fast.  I love that log ride.  Batman, you go upside down five times.

It is going to be fun at the carnival.  My grandpa makes tacos, the tacos are good.  You get to go on rides there at the carnival.  I get to listen to music there at the carnival too.

It is going to be fun on my summer vacation.  I like to go swiimming.  The carnival is going to be fun.  I love Six Flags.

Written by Andrew using Co-Writer.